Dentinox® – it began in Berlin

The story began almost 100 years ago with a single product at a pharmacy at the old market in Dresden: Dentinox® drops. It was on the basis of this formula that the Dentinox® company subsequently was founded in Berlin in 1951. Since then, the product range has been constantly growing – just like the family-managed business.

The guiding principle of the Dentinox® company is to manufacture gentle medicines containing reliable active ingredients in their formulations that are especially suitable for paediatric use.

Tried and tested millions of times all over the world

From the very beginning, Dentinox® has focused on producing gentle medicines. The preparations are characterised by natural ingredients, no artificial additives whenever possible and reliable effects. Successfully: Dentinox® is seen as a popular problem solver for parents and their children in many different countries.

The specialist for the youngest

Inspired by Dentinox® drops, the company has increasingly specialised in the field of dental medicine. More specifically: paediatric dentistry. In this respect, the range includes toothcare products for babies and children that enable them to have a good and healthy start in life.

Help for children

Children are not only our future, they are also our greatest treasures. With this in mind, Dentinox® has always paid attention to its youngest patients and developed preparations that ensure their well-being. Alongside products for teething and toothcare, Dentinox® develops preparations that help with stomach ache, sore bottoms, colds and much more. 

The power of nature

Dentinox® realised early on that the best and most effective medicines can be found in nature. Consequently, the company dispenses as much as possible with artificial additives such as preservatives or colouring agents and develops its products using plant based formulations.