Important right from the start

Teeth are important for your entire life and should therefore be cared for thoroughly from the start. In this respect, it is not only the method that counts – but the right “tools” are also important. Special children’s toothpastes and children’s toothbrushes are on offer. We can tell what you and your child should look out for.

Cleaning your teeth the right way – the equipment

There are special toothbrushes already for babies’ first little teeth, our practical nenedent® thimble toothbrush, for example. But there is also a wide selection of products for toddlers and children. In this context, it is most important for the head of the brush not to be too big or too hard and for its bristles to have rounded tips to make sure the young gums are not injured.

The toothpaste

The question as to whether you should choose a children’s toothpaste containing fluoride depends on whether your child is being given fluoride tablets – whether you should use a toothpaste compatible with homoeopathy depends on whether you are giving your child homoeopathic medicines. If you are uncertain, discuss the matter with your dentist or paediatrician. More information on fluorides can be found here.

Interesting facts about fluoride


Ideal for all little teeth

Generally speaking, you should always pay attention that toothpaste for babies and children has a low abrasive value, tastes “good” but not “yummy” and is made from high-quality ingredients – without preservatives. To make absolutely sure that your child is provided with the best possible care, we recommend our nenedent® range of toothpastes for babies and children. These are tailored perfectly to the needs of each age group and provide ideal protection for each little tooth. You can find more information on this in the section on nenedent® baby and children’s toothpastes.

nenedent® First Teeth with fluoride

Soon a little professional

At first, your child’s toothcare is completely in your hands. But as soon as the child is old enough to clean their own teeth, they will occasionally need more than a little persuasion to keep up the routine. With the right equipment, however, your little one will feel exactly like a grown-up. And cleaning your teeth is also part of being a grown-up.

Tips and tricks
Follow-up cleaning against caries
COI method

The right children’s toothpaste for milk teeth

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nenedent®-baby toothpaste with fluoride

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nenedent®-baby learning toothpaste without fluoride

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nenedent® children’s toothpaste without fluoride

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nenedent® children’s toothpaste homoeopathy-compatible with fluoride

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