Teeth-cleaning songs

As mum or dad, you choose two or three songs that you like to listen to yourself and look to see which one your child seems to enjoy most. This song should be consistently sung when cleaning teeth. Either repeating again and again from the beginning until all the little teeth are clean or inventing more and more new verses. To the playlist...

Put on the favourite music

There might be a song your baby, toddler or growing child is especially fond of. Put this music on when they are cleaning their teeth. They should clean as long as the music is on. Our tip for the perfect background music: “Hey Dr. Backenzahn” (Hey Dr Molar)

Choosing a tooth brush on your own

By a child’s second birthday, at the very latest, the words “on my own” have developed their magical power. “Choosing on my own”, “cleaning on my own.” Show your child a few different children’s toothbrushes and allow them to choose one on their own in the shop and then put it on the checkout conveyor. Maybe they can also pay on their own?

Cleaning electrically

Boys in particular are often little tech heads. Many enjoy cleaning their teeth more with an electric toothbrush that generates lots of noise than with a traditional toothbrush. And there are brush inserts available especially for children with themes from comics and the like that they can choose “on their own”.

Books on teeth-cleaning

The story of Carius and Baktus – a classic among teeth-cleaning books? In the meantime, there are a number of books on the topic of teeth-cleaning and health education. We recommend the “Zahnindianer” series of books and booklets and, of course, our story of the nene®-bär that you can download here free of charge.

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