Dentinox® zinc ointment

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Hustagil® balsam

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Daum-exol® nail film-forming solution

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Nene-Lax® laxative suppositories

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Tips and Tricks

It is easier to clean with music

There might be a song your baby, toddler or growing child is especially fond of. Put this music on when they are cleaning their teeth. They should clean as long as the music is on. Our tip for the perfect background music: “Hey Dr. Backenzahn” (Hey Dr Molar)

Ute Vogler

Our active

For Dentinox®, we have always relied on natural and especially well-tolerated active ingredients which have, in many cases, a long history of use in medicine and cosmetics. This makes our products gentle, well tolerated and especially suitable for the very young.

Managed by tradition, guided by inspiration.

Dentinox® is a family-run business that has, from the very beginning, pursued the same vision: giving you and your child a better start in life.

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Applications of Dentinox® N teething gel: Traditionally used as a mild medicine to briefly alleviate the complaints associated with teething for the first time.
Contains propylene glycol and sorbitol.
For risks and side-effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Last revised: 08/2018
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